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Through design-build, we can directly influence a project's outcome.

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three-d conceptwerke

A home-bound studio that carries individualistic character.

Hougang Blk 936
Hougang Blk 936A purely clean classic emphasizing on the luxury of neo-classicism, a different approach that has transformed this 5 bedroom into a glamorous living space through the details that spread throughout the whole apartment with some interesting personal highlights of consignment art pieces that stands out from the subtle
Cassia Crescent
Cassia CrescentThe enormous use of dark shades of greys and black makes this place differentiate from the usual homes. This home operates in a triangular form that coexist the living, dining and the kitchen, all these works well in this existing layout. Our designers give a deep thought of this advantage that it has and applying
Horne Road
Horne RoadIt’s an old walk up apartment that has a colonial history. This apartment was previously owned by a British family during the post war years and it's been passed down to their descendants, we were rather amazed by the old sheet of transaction papers that is still in an old
Segar Road
Segar RoadWith an inclination towards barn yard cafe loft studio, we transformed an abandoned farm storehouse into a good use and preserve the authentic feel of its existing structure, it’s our dream to portray, into the urban nature of this unit where it represent the homeowner love, a feel of yard
Sengkang Westway
Sengkang WestwayIt’s a vibrant design with a combination of random Japanese influence vibe which the owners are into. Combination of fresh hues of colours with the clients collection added a brilliant cheerful environment. We created a twist of traditional Japanese and Western influence for example the platform, colour hues and some
Yan Kit
Yan KitA small studio apartment that has a simple configuration with an open kitchen, 2 bathroom, a bedroom, a living and a walk- in-wardrobe, challenges came in by creating an unordinary layout but still segregating the space for living and kitchen by doing a 2 way walk-in wardrobe that situated
Mutiara Crescent
Mutiara CrescentA very different approach of a classic English loft that projects an industrial lush after dotting down the requirement of clients lifestyle. We manage to give a well treated shell of elementary soft classic touch that feels like giving  a new fresh coat of paint in an old apartment
Holland Ave
Holland AveA very personalize space reflecting their own lifestyle and behavior, a home that brought some old memories for them. The space was design in a very personal appealing that suits the way they live, a tremendous skeleton kitchen with all the necessary appliances and spices when filled up forms
Jurong East
Jurong EastIt is a family of 3, a couple and their dad, achieving simplicity in a home is less about relinquishing and more about refining. Their home embraces personal values and have a physical manifestation of their beliefs. By keeping the space free of the nonessential, they made more room
Orchard Court
Orchard CourtIt is located at Oxley rise, Orchard Court apartment, in the heart of Orchard. Creating an oasis of calm in a towering urban metropolis may be a challenging, but by slightly changing the way we think we can learn to appreciate the advantages of both the rapid and slow
Basecamp Coffee
Basecamp CoffeeBasecamp Coffee, an initial proposed location is at East Coast Beach where busy recreational activities are involved with groups of community and families had a place to keep them cool and engaged. An approachable design had to be formulated with the branding idea and the concept of reno for
Toh Yi Drive
Toh Yi DriveFanatic for cars and a zoologist has transform from his personality into the living space. Rugged simple feel with rewritten of space and planning that gives a vast environment that promote a freedom of connection to all seamless boundary. The image was given a black and white touch
Tiong Poh
Tiong PohLocated in the heart of an art decor vibe walk up apartment off Tiong Bahru estate where it was developed during the 1960's in the olden days of Singapore. It’s a huge single first level apartment created to house lots of collections in arts and ornaments. It has lots
Sin Ming Ave
Sin Ming AveAn apartment inspired by the theory of an architect, a communicative in between spaces links relax and enjoyment in the 2 storey executive maisonette, a bachelors pad where invitations for parties will bring joyous hangouts in a relax environment. The rear balcony has been quite a statement that
Poh Heng Court
Poh Heng CourtIt’s an interesting task that we have created for our clients who lives here. They wanted a lifestyle out of the norm and we can help to do something for such an apartment where it’s quiet and has lots of greens surrounding it when looking out, it’s challenging for us
Duxton Road
Duxton RoadNice scenery with lots of lights thrown in from windows that attracts our attention in planning the entire layout. With the combination of clients lifestyle merges with the above criteria from our findings. We shared our ideas with clients of letting them enjoying vast scenery by day while waking
Tanjong Katong Road
Tanjong Katong RoadOur specialty in reviving the life of old walk-up apartment has lead us to an unconventional era of another type of building along Tanjong Katong Road. We stumble up upon a narrow dark staircase that bring us to the 4th level where the apartment sits. Our intuition guides
Jalan Ria
Jalan RiaA property that has its own characteristic by the home owner request to have a modern tropical look but with a touch of classic. It’s a fusion of classic with tropic feel that the owner hope to have. We give it a brain storm and decide to put percentage
Hougang Ave 2
Hougang Ave 2This project gives us a good experimental inspiration in both architecture spaces and materials as well. We execute it with a plain white canvas with simple configuration of spaces that brings spaciousness for the client. An unordinary element of white cement screed is proposed for the flooring that
Flametree Park
Flametree ParkThis apartment is for home owners whom appreciate a touch of modern Peranakan culture. It carries a combination of Asian and modern colony feel that we have blended together and with the right soft focus on lights in specific areas, had brought this apartment into a calm peaceful living
Eunos Crescent
Eunos CrescentCheerful and with a touch of Alice in the Wonderland, was brought to us in creating a huge open space but at the same time able to close off when privacy is needed. It's an interesting mood board that has derived to us, we adapted it well into not compromising
Lim Liak Street
Lim Liak StreetIt’s another of our project located at old Tiong Bahru with a different vibe while preserving some of the existing old structures from the window and door frames, a playful way of retaining a semi outdoor feel by taking out its windows and retaining the door that use to
Chay Yan Street
Chay Yan StreetIt’s a subtle monotone with a blend of classic retro pieces for this home in Tiong Bahru estate that is within our family of projects under the conservation areas. It has vast windows surroundings as this unit is at its corner with an interesting curvature balcony. Once again
445 Yishun Ave
445 Yishun AveA little barn yard loft transformation in this HDB unit, projecting a raw feel with pieces of mismatched furniture that pick up from different areas pieces perfectly as they have common theme in that era of feel with rustic worn out surface, pieces of exposed plywood, louvre windows,
213 Pasir Ris 87
213 Pasir Ris 87We give an interesting approach to the space when we design this flat after discovering its weird existing build up. Its not really appealing once entering into the space in term of privacy and a kitchen on its right. The 2 rooms distance from each other that gives