Cover Everything Issue 01

Cover Everything is a newsletter of infinite possibilities. This issue’s theme is a collaborative work between EDL and Three-D Conceptwerke Pte Ltd. Every new product emerges through various stages of production that define its meaning. We work out the ideas and create a scene using artist’s impression to explain the wonderful possibilities to consumers.

Truly good design transcends the seasons of change. Its beauty and ingenuity never fades.

It’s good to get your hands dirty once in a while. Well-crafted ideas often start from humble maquettes.

Source: Click here.

A great idea doesn’t just come in a flash. Behind that proverbial eureka moment is the gradual culmination of influences from everyday life, and insights from unexpected sources. Inspiration is all around us.

Whether it’s a short escapade, or a flight of fancy in our room, we are eternal travellers. Each experience enriches the mind and soul.