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Every project is a fine balance between form and function. This project was no different. Our clients lived in Australia before arriving at our shores, so we thought it would be fun to attempt translating the culture and vibrance of the city they originated from into the space– while still obeying the constraints set by the existing structures and our client’s budget.

The couple loves to host and cook for their guests, so the kitchen and living room were naturally focal points in the planning and design process.

The kitchen could easily have been cracked open to flow into the adjoining space but we chose to contain the cooking area to allow for worry-free cooking. That decision gave birth to the black mild steel framed glass divider and the texture-laden mosaic tile wall it sits on. Within the kitchen, the cool stainless steel worktops were balanced out with warm wood cabinet fronts. A groovy geometric patterned floor adds movement to the otherwise calm space.

The walls were kept a light, cool grey throughout the apartment as a stage for the client’s collection of framed posters, tin robots and other ornaments, not forgetting their love for potted plants. The carefully chosen furniture in the living room attest to their taste in unique statement pieces, luxuriously wrapped in leather with beautiful wood frames or gorgeously curved metal.

A lush green wall anchors the apartment, a choice of colour that needed much persuasion and convincing for the clients. But after we won them over it was one they didn’t regret. And with that, everything else came together effortlessly, complimenting each other and blending harmoniously in this space they call home.