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The Steel House was a major milestone for our company. For this project, we had to build the house from ground up– this meant that finally, the exterior of the living space could be manipulated, and we could work without common apartment constraints.

We could finally see the bigger picture—building a house based on its natural surroundings. Jalan Wajek is a sleepy neighborhood in the area of Rifle Range Road: lots of trees, nature, quietness, great air. The most beautiful thing you might notice about The Steel House is not its steel exterior, not that it’s cold and stark sticking out like a sore thumb—no. Conversely, it’s a gentle giant, sleeping indeed, amongst the lush environment. Because it’s clad in glass and hardly any concrete walls, every leaf and every sun ray is reflected on its outer shell.

The clients was a couple with 3 growing kids, and they essentially wanted a home that was open and free, a home that could shelter them and at the same time inculcate some kind of kampong spirit. To live among nature and still feel cosy, feel warmth. Keeping in mind our attitude for sustainability, our methods of constructing the house also followed through with that: for example, there was no piling works done for the site, eliminating noise pollution in the nehgiborhood. We also adopted a bio-architectural approach in this project: for example we made sure there were plenty of windows for sufficient ventilation and allow the house to stay cool in our tropical climate.

Rooms were delineated with mostly half walls and half windows, minimal doors and even a humble curtain to separate the master bedroom from the rest of the floor space on the second floor. All this gave a sense of openness and sense of intuitiveness for the family to get together easier and more often.

With this strong canvas to house the family with minimal distractions, the Steel House provided an impression of lightness and freedom for the family to grow together, together with the magic that nature brings into the house.

Project Details

Date: 24/08/2018