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To most, a house is built to provide a cocoon, a shell to rest in, seek shelter from the world, an escape. Sometimes, we underestimate the effect of walls built around us and forget the benefit of living harmoniously with things around us.

At the Steel House, forget walls. Forget that drawing you made as a child, where a house would have a giant sloping red tile roof, two windows in the front, a chimney, and a wooden door.

In the sleepy neighborhood of Jalan Wajek, drive along the street too quickly and you might miss the structure of lines and steel. It is easy to mistake the reflection of greens and light bouncing off the windows of the house, for its actual surroundings.


There are no chunky, impermeable concrete walls hugging the house— instead, only windows. Standing inside, the structures of glass allow flow and the illusion of endless space for the home.

As the project comes to an end, it is fulfilling to realise the benefits of thoughtful consideration to live peacefully alongside nature as it intended us. To listen to what the earth has been telling us for centuries and creating our individual interpretations that serves justice to both the host and the guest.

ThreeDConceptwerke, 2017


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