Slide Habitus Living Communicating space through design. Slide d d Selected Thoughts Through design-build, we can directly influence a project's outcome. Slide f d Our Passion Habitually pushing and rethinking the boundaries of design.
A home-bound studio that carries individualistic character.

Three-D Conceptwerke

For over decades now, since 2006, we have opened our doors to like-minded design aficionados who have an innate interest in edgy interior architecture and an affinity for challenging the status quo. We established and continue to build a dedicated community of design renegades who share the philosophy of habitus living, and who are constantly pushing and rethinking design boundaries.

Habitus living is the constant improvisation of an individual’s ‘practical mastery’ of skills, routines, aptitude and behaviours cultivated over time which enables one to choose how he or she encounters, perceives and reacts to a new environment.

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