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Basecamp Coffee

Basecamp Coffee

When Basecamp Coffee came to us with their initial plan to be located at East Coast Park, we knew we had to develop a design that would be on-brand, integrate well with the surrounding natural environment and appeal to the bustling beach community.


In addition to weather, when designing a beach-side location, we also have to consider the varying types of customers the café will receive from day to night, weekday till weekend as this will greatly impact the design concept and types of materials to be used.


As part of Basecamp Coffee’s branding exercise, we worked with them to produce a colour scheme of blue, white, grey, silver and shades of green which would be used within the café and beyond on branding materials including namecards, menus and even uniforms. In the café, some of the proposed design elements included silver zinc sheets, grey and white tones on wood panels and lightbox signboards.


The overall look and feel of the café was to be inviting, providing a unique coffee experience which is refreshing yet calming.

Commercial Space

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