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Chay Yan Street

Chay Yan Street

We have a passion for preserving history and work extensively on restoring and reviving homes in conservation areas. This apartment lies in the heart of Tiong Bahru and is a representation of the rich heritage and evolution of the estate.


This corner apartment has large surrounding windows and an interesting curved balcony which were advantageous to our design strategy in ensuring a good flow of space, light and air. The original layout is unique, with two entries – the back leading into the balcony and the front on the other side of the home. To create a more welcoming entrance to the apartment, we flipped the layout so that the entryway would lead into the balcony and we closed off the original entrance to make way for a storage area.


We upcycled the original window grills and used them as statement and functional display pieces within the living area and bedroom. In the main living room, we skimmed the wall plaster and exposed the underlying brick which is reminiscent of the hand-shaped brick produced by the Jurong kilns in the 1920s. We found beauty and history in imperfection when skimming the wall revealed the cross-section of old cement stairs cast into the wall. These were probably used as reinforcement during the original construction of the building.


We adopted a subtle monochromatic colour palette to complement the classic retro furniture and highlight the unique design features within the home.

Living Space

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