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Duxton Road

Duxton Road

When we first came into this space, we were immediately drawn towards the view from the home and the vast amount of natural light and air flow. We based our design on maximising this coveted feature, while taking into consideration Andy and Weiting’s lifestyle which would allow them to enjoy their beautiful view from bright, sunny mornings to dusky evenings.


To give the couple a master suite with a walk-in wardrobe, we combined two bedrooms and partitioned off the wardrobe to minimise any noise when one of them is dressing while the other sleeps. However, to create a greater visual impact and allow for more light to enter the wardrobe area, we used clear glass panels instead of an opaque material to segregate the space.


In the main living room, we lined an entire wall with exposed brick, creating a long concrete ledge and placed a floor-to-ceiling mirror adjacent to that wall to make the space appear more expansive. The ledge is multi-functional, serving as a display area and additional seating when required.

Living Space

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