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Holland Ave

Holland Ave

As advocates for spatial design, we believe that your home should be a personal reflection of your lifestyle and behaviour, as well as be conducive to your comfort and efficiency in daily life.


Micheal and Grace have lived in this apartment for quite some time and while they were looking to preserve their memories of this very personalised space, they also wanted to update their home to optimise function without compromising form. Through our various discussions with them about their lifestyle and design needs and wants, in particular their love for cooking healthy meals, we created a large open galley kitchen which enables them to easily prepare, cook and clean in a dedicated area. The close proximity of all necessary cooking appliances, utensils and food ingredients to the stove and sink play well to their preferred efficient, fuss-free style of living. We added the fire hose reel box mainly as a stylish way to conceal the refuse chute hopper, while also providing additional storage space.


We scrubbed the lower half of the living room walls with the same blue as the main door and maintained the rough texture so as to create greater dimension to the room and to tie the space together. The original bedroom and bathroom doors were upcycled and painted black for visual consistency. In keeping with the couple’s desire to preserve some of the original elements of their home, we retained a path of the original mosaic flooring in the wash area outside the bathroom.


Micheal and Grace spend many quiet evenings serenading their cats with the guitar in their now unique, restful home.

Living Space

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