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Horne Road

Horne Road

This old walk-up apartment is steeped in colonial history. Originally owned by a British family in post-war Singapore, it was passed down to their descendant Jonathan along with the original colonial-era transaction papers (which we had the privilege to see!).


While we embrace evolution and are advocates for change, we have a deep respect for history and it’s in our interest to preserve it when and where we can. In the case of this home, we were enamoured by the original high ceilings, unevenly-textured walls, old wall vents and windows, and decided to retain these to give the space some old-world charm. These structural and design elements also served a practical purpose, enabling us to take full advantage of the apartment’s excellent natural light flow.


Turning this once-family home into a functional, stylish bachelor pad, we used Jonathan’s love for toned-down greys and earth tones throughout each space and kept the design streamlined and symmetrical.


With no TV in sight, we designed Jonathan’s home with tranquillity in mind, allowing for restfulness in any room and at any time.

Living Space

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