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Jurong East

Jurong East

For the couple who own this home with their father, achieving simplicity in a home is less about relinquishing and more about refining. Their transformed home is a physical manifestation of this belief.


While some might want a home with blank walls as the canvas they need to allow their minds to wander free; for this family, they wanted a re-design which would allow them to start from scratch, creating a new space that defines their basic values. This decluttering exercise would require them to prioritise only the essential.


As a foundation for the design of this home, we used simple black and white marble for the living room floor and neutral coloured heavy-duty homogeneous tiles in the kitchen. In line with the “clean slate” theme, we kept the walls, cabinets and banister white which contrasted well with the rich, dark wood furniture used in the home.


The two rooms on the upper floor have functional louvre windows which allow for cross-ventilation through the home and privacy when the rooms are occupied. These windows also compliment the safety railings from a similar design era, creating a sense of nostalgia within the space.


The reformed, clutter-free home has made more room and time for what matters most to these homeowners – family.

Living Space

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