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Jurong Gateway

Jurong Gateway

A studio loft unit nestled in the heart of Jurong East’s city centre was the perfect place to exemplify a juxtaposition between a cosy home and an urban pad. Primarily to be used as a weekend home for the homeowner, we worked together with him to create an interior that was practical, yet imbued with its own charm and character.


An overall mood is painted with the materials and colours chosen. Earthy tones were selected and although there were concerns about it being too dark for a small area, the abundant sunlight and seemingly endless ceiling pulled it together perfectly.


The copper pipes for light fittings along the 3.5m high ceiling, metal bars to suspend the kitchen bar table, and two structured handles for hanging of chairs—all three linear subjects worked together to accentuate the coveted ceiling height and make the home appear larger.


On the central wall hangs a personal painting done by the homeowner’s talented daughter, and it immediately brightens and warms up the modern industrial setting. The featured painting is flanked by two hangers that secure two unique foldable chairs, to save space and perhaps feature the chairs too, much like a gallery.


The living room makes an impression but more surprises are added in an unlikely corner: a custom cabinet fashioned after the traditional medicine cabinet, sits next to the bathroom, acting as a segue from the bath to the walk-in wardrobe, which points the exit back into the living room, coming full circle for the entire apartment.

Living Space

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