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Orchard Court

Orchard Court

This home lies in the heart of Singapore’s bustling shopping district, Orchard. Creating an oasis of calm within a towering urban metropolis may seem a challenge but our appreciation of this juxtaposition and our ability to adapt allowed us to transform this home.


The homeowners have a love for spaces which are allowed to age gracefully. From the symphonic hairlines of concrete floors to the gentle sagging of a sofa, a lived-in home evolves harmoniously with its inhabitants. They become a sort of three-dimensional domestic diary where each mark, scratch and crack reveals a secret, a relished memory, a burst of emotion and shared intimacies.


The use of clean lines throughout the space gave us the opportunity to play with varying textures in the materials used, allowing for the beauty and subtlety of rough-hewn walls and swirls in concrete surfaces to shine through.

Living Space

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