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Pasir Ris 87

Pasir Ris 87

Our strengths lie in spatial planning for how people interact with their living environment. When we first went into this home, we were a little disconcerted by the original layout of the flat as the bedroom and kitchen were within close proximity to each other and positioned right by the entrance. Furthermore, due to the existing build, the natural light would not extend to this area of the home. To circumvent these issues, we would overhaul the layout to create better flow of movement and light, while providing the homeowners a measure of privacy as required.


We constructed a huge raw plywood panel as the access door to the master bedroom. While cleanly closing the bedroom off from the kitchen, this panel also serves as storage for books. To allow for more natural light to flow to the kitchen, we tore down the adjoining wall but added a sub-division shelving unit within the huge hall to apportion a larger area for kitchen/dining and to delineate the main living area. This, coupled with the use of a natural colour palette, has resulted in a sense of overwhelming spaciousness and tranquillity.

Living Space

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