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Tanjong Katong Road

Tanjong Katong Road

We specialise in reviving old walk-up apartments and we found a gem in Martin’s family home on Tanjong Katong Road.


Walking up the dark narrow staircase to this 4th level diamond-in-the-rough was reminiscent of old Hong Kong apartments and we took inspiration from that in the redesign of this home.


Our biggest challenge within the space was how we would utilise the void areas around the interior staircase so as to create a bigger room at the back of the apartment where it’s quieter as the home faces the main road. We converted the original family room and rear bedroom into a master suite with a large dressing area and connecting bathroom. To maintain the privacy of this space but still allow for good light flow, we used framed glass doors. We also built a 4m link bridge from the master suite to allow for easier access to the front of the apartment.


From the kitchen and living room to the balcony, we created dedicated niches within the apartment to enhance the character of the space both visually and functionally, and for Martin and his family to enjoy every single nook in their home.

Living Space

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