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Tiong Poh

Tiong Poh

Located in the heart of Tiong Bahru – one of Singapore’s oldest and most charming neighbourhoods, this home is on the ground floor of an art deco walk-up.


The massive single-level apartment houses a big collection of art and Asian antique furniture which has been lovingly preserved over the years. To showcase this beautiful collection, we worked with extensive wall space throughout the house and infused traditional Indonesian design sensibilities to create a warm sense of calm and order within the home.


The original layout of this pre-war conservation apartment includes a courtyard and to fully utilise this space, we opened up the wall between the rear bedroom (which was being used as a TV room) to create a connecting walkway to a covered alfresco area where the homeowners are able to enjoy tea in the afternoon or cocktails in the evening, rain or shine.


A small guestroom at the back of the home looks out to the courtyard where there is an outdoor pantry. The inviting space beckons one and all to sit and enjoy as the sun goes down.

Living Space

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