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About Us

We are a multi-disciplinary studio, specialising primarily in interior design, interior styling and furniture craftsmanship.

For over decades now, since 2006, we have opened our doors to like-minded design aficionados who have an innate interest in edgy interior architecture and an affinity for challenging the status quo. We established and continue to build a dedicated community of design renegades who share the philosophy of habitus living, and who are constantly pushing and rethinking design boundaries.

Habitus living is the constant improvisation of an individual’s ‘practical mastery’ of skills, routines, aptitude and behaviours cultivated over time which enables one to choose how he or she encounters, perceives and reacts to a new environment.

Consider how timeless items are salvaged and reinvented in form, or colour or use to bestow renewed purpose within a new space, it is endless train of thought we have carefully cultivated with time. Rooted in our past, therein lies the bedrock of our future, timeless cultivated space.

Be it a home or commercial space, we seek to integrate our design philosophy approach seamlessly into the daily lives of its occupants and to create simple, liveable and well-lit spaces that feel larger than they are. It is about bearing in mind the psychological and emotional outcomes of long-term immersion.

A home may be made of complete new materials, but what good is it if it does not coexist seamlessly with its dwellers? At the end, tidal shifts in preferences may occur, yet what remains is our endearing mission to create tangible relationships between human and space.

Communicating space through design, a symbol we have carried through the years, akin to the stamp of communicative design we leave on each and every blank canvas we encounter.



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