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Lim Liak Street

Lim Liak Street

We must confess we can’t get enough of Tiong Bahru. Lined row upon row with quaint art deco shophouses, where you can find an old sundry shop right next to a hipster café; a charming blend of old and new that typifies this hip neighbourhood.


Taking our cue from the blended nature of this neighbourhood, in this home, we preserved the art deco vibe and added pops of colour (and some pop art) to complement the overall design.


We retained much of the existing structure including the window and door frames to delineate the various living spaces yet promote good light flow and cross-ventilation throughout the home. What were originally windows leading to the balcony we kept but removed the glass panels as a playful way of creating a unique indoor balcony for relaxation and enjoying the view of the neighbourhood while in cool air-conditioned comfort.

Living Space

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