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Fernvale Road

Fernvale was another example where the client gave full trust to the designers and the result came through beautifully. This was the client’s first home on his own, and as a bachelor he had the whole apartment to himself.

The colour palette was anchored in black and white– not just for a timeless look but for versatility. Although black and white might be monotonous to some, the designers injected a sense of playfulness and somehow sophistication to the place by giving the floor an epoxy paint treatment: in black. A rather unconventional choice of epoxy paint colour, but given its reflective quality, black epoxy provided a sense of dimension and lightness to the house. One can see light bouncing off the floors, at different parts of the house, at different points in the day.

Being an avid reader and not a television person at all, the client and designers decided to do away with a traditional TV space and instead showcased the sprawling library of books the client owned, in the living area and in his personal study. Spanning both walls entirely, the books gave a personal stamp on otherwise blank walls.

A classy, timeless lounge set in black leather was put in the spotlight next to the living area’s book corner, and a large wood dining table on the other end of the living space. These natural materials gave a organic vibe to keep the apartment warm and homely, although there were many aspects of steel and metal.

The kitchen and one bathroom was kept simple and timeless too, with neutral mauve coloured tiles in a basic rectangular shape. This broke the black and white scheme in a subtle and still timeless manner.

In light of playfulness with the character of the house, the guest bathroom next to the kitchen was put aside as the anomaly– the entire space was commissioned a bright, cheerful yellow.

In its entirety the home was a perfect canvas for the bachelor, the most important aspects were nailed in, yet giving it room to grow and to be coloured in more and more as the owner begins to truly live in the space.